A Range of Diffusers and Oils, Jewellery and Gifts. All used to release fragrances around you and your home.

‘No Flies on You’ With the use of insect repellent essential oils, these products will dispel mosquitoes and other insects from you and your home.

Living and holidaying abroad should be an enjoyable occasion. Don’t let bites and stings from mosquitoes and insects spoil it for you. Having a day without itches and creams shouldn’t be a challenge. We wanted to be able to live, without worrying so much. Constantly spraying chemicals around the home and over our bodies probably does more harm than good. We wanted to have things that give positive solutions and look good in the home. We have sourced natural chemical free products to help dispel mosquitoes and other insects as keeping mosquitoes and insects away should not always involve harmful chemicals. We have introduced a more natural option, chemical free and safe to use. We use essential oils which have their own repellent. Natural and safe. Sourced from the earth.

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Most repellents, in order to be effective are mixed with chemicals which in themselves irritate the skin. Essential oils can be used directly on bites and stings. They can be diffused in the air to create a fragrance round the home to keep the insects at bay. We bring you a selection of products that will, with nature’s help, keep you protected. We have chosen products that are attractive and effective around the home. Safe to use around children and animals, with no side effect. Our jewellery range allows to you wear the fragrance without the need for harmful chemicals on your skin. We also have nature’s sting relief in the form of roll-on oils. Essential oils are a gift of the earth. They contain nature’s own natural repellent.


We only use recyclable boxes with no fancy design when you buy our products thus saving you money and keeping in with the save the planet campaign
All our oils a chemical free and extracted from only organic produce, these are designed not only to give you a beautiful aroma but also repel insect bites, mosquito bites and annoying flies around your house or office
All our products are designed to not only be beautiful in looks but they also repel insects and all irritating pests. 


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